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Details are announced now, and we are in the project discussion phase. We encourage you to discuss your application with the project community.


In order to apply we ask that you create:

  1. a list of deliverables, quantifiable results for the Palisadoes community,
  2. a detailed description / design document,
  3. an approach,
  4. an approximate schedule and
  5. something of a background text.
  6. We also need you to let us know what other commitments you have for the period of GSoC, for example, do you have any exams or a part time job? In other words promote yourselves as if this were an actual job.

In drawing up your proposal you should work with your chosen project's community.

One of our evaluation criteria is that you have already engaged with the community to ensure that you understand the needs of the project and the commitment you need to make to your mentors.

One measure of engagement is your contribution to pull requests (PRs):

  1. Persons who have engaged with a meaningful pull request (PR) for features or bug fixes will be given a higher preference.
  2. If you cannot find a suitable idea, feature or bug for a pull request, don't worry. We know our code needs refactoring. You can propose optimizations for scalability, readability and more. Use a PR to show your capabilities in this area. These PRs will be given less weight.

We may limit the number of issues assigned to you to allow others to participate. Ideally you should be working on no more than two issues at a time.

We may give shortlisted candidates short code challenges to confirm our final decisions.

Your Proposal

It is important to review the following online documents in this section when creating your proposal.

  1. Review the Ideas List we have for inspiration. If you have other ideas, let us know!
  2. Take a look at the Selection Criteria we use and ensure your proposal matches our needs.
  3. Take guidance on the format and content of your proposal from the Application Template.

Feedback on Your Draft Proposal

Get feedback on your draft application proposal at:


Submitting Your Final Proposal

Submit your final applications via the GSoC website.