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Talawa helps community based organizations collaborate with their membership.

Community Based Organizations

What do we mean by community based organizations? These are groups of people participating in a common social cause for the benefit of their local communities mostly through volunteers. These include:

  1. religious groups;
  2. non-profit charities;
  3. social groups;
  4. and in limited cases, businesses.

If your organization is making a meaningful difference to your community then Talawa could be for you.

Talawa Features

Talawa is in a pre-release state. We plan to create a demonstrable minimally viable product (MVP) in 2023 for alpha testing.

Key features include: ​

User News FeedMobile users can instantly see what other community members are doing.This helps to build stronger community bonds to meet your outreach goals. Our pinned posts feature will allow your organization wide announcements to be easily seen and remembered.
Event CalendarsBoth you and your members can create calendars for events, meetings, workshops, support groups and more.There is no need to use another app that doesn't have a complete list of everyone to invite. This relieves the hassle of planning and organizing your teams.
Event ManagementYou can create simple projects and tasks for each event you plan. Volunteers can also be assigned roles.You won't have to wonder whether things are on track with our effective project management tools.
Calendar Group ChatsEvery event you put in the calendar can automatically create a group chat for the invitees in the Talawa mobile app.This makes communication and coordination even easier to help your teams meet their needs
NotificationsKeep in contact with your membership by sending them the latest updates.You never have to worry whether they know what is going on whether they use the mobile app or not, you can still inspire them to participate more.
Multi-OrganizationalOrganizations that serve multiple neighborhoods or cities can easily be managed by local leaders through our admin portal.Have the peace of mind knowing that you can delegate many Talawa organizational tasks to others. Now you can focus on areas of greater priority.
Plugin supportTalawa isn't an isolated system. It allows you to interact with the service providers you need to run an efficient organization.You don't have to worry about using another service, with the right plugin, Talawa will be able to talk to it just fine.

We are always thinking of adding more features. Let us know what you'd like to see.

Talawa has three main components. A mobile application with social media features, a web based portal to be used by the organization’s administrative team, and finally an API providing access to data and features. ​​ The Palisadoes Foundation wants to eventually host Talawa as a cloud service to help finance its education outreach. ​

Talawa Applications

Talawa works well because of the various software applications we have developed.

Talawa Mobile AppOur mobile phone application that makes communication with and between your members even easier.
Talawa AdminThe administrative portal for managing not only the members using the mobile app but the volunteer operations of your organization.
Talawa APIThe magic that makes it all happen. Our API is the glue between the Talawa mobile app and Talawa Admin to make the two work together.

Further information on the technologies behind the these applications in the technical sections of this site.