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Conflicts of Interest

We pride ourselves on being fair, both in actions and perception.

This is our simple conflict of interest policy for our internship programs.


We strive to be a community that applies the appropriate levels of professionalism in our interactions. The files found in the root directory of each repository outlines what we mean by this.

Types of Conflicts of Interest

The conflicts that we are most concerned with are listed here:


Our volunteers are required to conduct themselves at all times in accordance with good professional judgment in accordance with our stated code of conduct guidelines.

We also expect them to not create a conflict of interest or the appearance of such conflict in our internship selection process. This means they must refrain from entering into any particular transaction or establishing any relationship with others if our organization’s goals are or may be impaired.

Additional safeguards in our internship review process requires our volunteers to recuse themselves from evaluating application proposals where reviewers and applicants share a current employer or current academic institution, or be at risk of nepotism.

We err on the side of caution, so this means that if the said volunteer can assign issues or merge PRs then they must not:

  1. Assign issues to you
  2. Review your pull requests
  3. Merge your pull requests

It's important that all candidates are evaluated on the merit of their contributions and proposals as objectively as possible.

We abide by the rules of our donors and where the rules are not explicit we try to abide by the donor's overall goals.

Our internships are open to all, unless otherwise stated.

In cases where our volunteer contributors apply to our internship programs:

  1. We ensure that as of the start of the evaluation period they:
    1. Don't attend internship mentor meetings
    2. Participate in mentor specific communications
  2. During evaluation period we ask them not to:
    1. Assign issues
    2. Review pull requests
    3. Merge pull requests

We apply the same evaluation criteria to these participants


All mentors:

  1. Are aware of the candidate guidelines above and will abide by them or have their GitHub privileges revoked.
  2. Have been instructed to inform all other mentors of any potential conflicts and recuse themselves from the candidate activities above.

Our volunteers want everyone to feel accepted into the community on these terms of integrity.


The administrators of the repositories are committed to these goals. Let them know of any concerns you have via our community forums, email or the Palisadoes Foundation website. We will handle the matter with confidentiality.